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Tekk Antennas

Tekk Antennas
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Antennas for Tekk Portable radios in Long, Stubby and Button sizes

Choose the length and model from the list below:

Note: "L" for Long (5 1/2") and the "S" for Stuby (About 3")

  • SUPER BUTTON - Smallest UHF Antenna 5Mhz Bandwidth - for UHF Model Radios
  • AXU1000-L Tekk XU 100/1000UHF Models, Molded
  • AXU1000-S Tekk XU 100/1000 UHF Models, Molded
  • AXV1000-L Tekk XV 100/1000 VHF Models, Molded
  • AXV1000-S Tekk XV 100/1000 VHF Models, Molded
  • AXU500-L Tekk X-500u UHF Models, Molded
  • AXU500-S Tekk X-500 u UHF Models, Molded, Stubby
  • AXV500-L Tekk X-500v VHF Models, Molded
  • AXV500-S Tekk X-500v VHF Models, Molded, Stubby
  • AN-400UM6 for Tekk UHF Data Radios, Molded
  • ADU200-L For Tekk D-200u/D-500u/D-600u UHF model, molded
  • ADU30-S Stubby Antenna For Tekk D-30u UHF model, molded
  • ADV500-L For Tekk D-500v VHF model, molded
  • AXU700-L For Tekk X-700u UHF model, molded
  • AXV700-L For Tekk X-700v VHF model, molded

If you can't find what you are looking for or need assistance, please Email your request to our Customer Service: