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Ramfan EFi75XX 12" Extreme Hazard Blower

Ramfan EFi75XX 12
Item# RT-327512X
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The Ramfan EFi75XX Extreme Hazard Blower is the toughest, easy to maintain, and versatile blower. It is a heavy-duty, anti-static blower for forced ventilation of explosive or hazardous gases from the enclosed spaces. It features cast aluminum impeller and integral adapters that easily secures the duct attachment.

The Ramfan Extreme Hazard Blower is a totally enclosed Hazardous Location Motor that keeps it protected from any corrosive or hazardous gases. It features chemically-resistant, rugged, glass-reinforced ABS housing that makes it scratch and dent proof and extremely fire retardant. It can be used with a 12" duct or 8" duct with optional adapter/reducer. The airflow data ducted blowers are tested with the duct size and length specified. One and then two 90 turns are placed into the duct to introduce real life situations. Free Air is the airflow without any duct attached.


15ft=4.6m, 25 ft=7.6m Duct Size: 12"/30cm - Free Air: 2500 CFM, 15ft Straight:2500 CFM, 15ft 1-90 degree: 1743, 15ft 2-90 degree: 1664

RT-327512X, RT 327512X, RT327512X, 327512X

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