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RedMan Training Instructor XP SuitRedMan Training Instructor XP Suit
RedMan Training Instructor XP SuitRedMan Training Instructor XP SuitRedMan Training Instructor XP SuitRedMan Training Instructor XP SuitRedMan Training Instructor XP Suit
RedMan Training Instructor XP Suit
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RedMan Training Instructor XP Suit. Don't buy imitations. Redman XP suits (XP1, XP2,XP3,XP4 & XP5) are proven to deliver the body protection and mobility needed during training. You don't need to buy additional accessories to have a complete suit, and you can clean it and sanitize it right after each training session, ready for the next trainer!

The RedMan XP Instructor Training Suit offers the best protection with the greatest mobility to ever come from the RedMan design team. Thinner foam and thicker plastic allow for greater mobility for reality-based training. This 13 pieces Red Man training suit offers full-body coverage, repetitive strike absorption, long life gear, field repairable, mobile configurations, versatility of configurations, and easily disinfected and sanitizable suits.

Traditional head gear to protect against light contact. Offers comfortable, secure fit, with an attachable cage and safety glasses for added face protection.

Layered coverage to the throat area.

Padded shoulder guards for contact strikes or when taken to the ground.

Arm guards offer more protection than ever before, with additional coverage, and reduction of environmental impacts with the ground. Finger grips keep arm guard secure during active simulations.

Thinner designed plastic trauma plates allow for greater body protection. Increased coverage, more secure fits, and maneuverability which allows for greater mobility, and enhanced coverage of back area.

Rear guard offers even more protection on takedowns.

Lower abdominal pads, thigh guards, calf guards and lower leg guards have all been enhanced to offer greater protection for your trainer in all dynamic situations.

>>> Carrying Bag Included <<<

To find the right size for the Body Guard and headgear please use the table below:
Suit Part # Body Guard Size Measured Height Measured Weight Measured Headgear Circumference
XP1 S/M Body Up to 5'10" Up to 180 lbs 21"-22"
XP2 S/M Body Up to 5'10" Up to 180 lbs 22 1/2" – 23"
XP3 L/XL Body Over 5'10" Over 180 lbs 21"-22""
XP4 Most Popular L/XL Body Over 5'10" Over 180 lbs 22 1/2" – 23"
XP5 L/XL Body Over 5'10" Over 180 lbs 23 1/2" – 24"

Manufactured by Macho Products

One of the many advantages of the RedMan suits is their capability of disinfecting the suit immediately after training. The material of the XP suit allows the trainer to clean the suit every time that the suit is used.

History of the Redman Suit:

A request that led to innovation It all began for RedMan in 1984 with an inquiry from the Director of Training for the Secret Service. He wanted training gear that would allow agents more realistic full force instruction and safety, so he turned to us for our experience in trauma protection for the martial arts.

Through this relationship and consulting with other leading law enforcement trainers, Redman learned that defensive tactics training was not widely used due to a lack of equipment readily adaptable to situational training. With this input, Redman developed the first RedMan Suit, an innovative line of protective gear (named for its bright red color) that was light, flexible and sanitizable, yet provided blunt trauma protection that allowed more dynamic training than had ever been offered.

It was an immediate hit, and led to defensive tactics stimulation training becoming an indispensable standard practice in preparation for law enforcement and corrections duty. Today, Redman continues to develop products that help trainers expand the limits of training, giving students the benefit from the most realistic experiences.

Redman still lead the pack Like everything else, lawbreakers will continue to find new ways to operate. They have better equipment and new methodologies that test the preparedness of law enforcement every day. With the partnership of leading trainers and other industry experts, RedMan continues to develop innovative programs and equipment that will enable Law enforcement professionals to stay one step ahead.

How does Redman gear compare with other suits on the market?
1. Redman suits are the only gear on the market today that is quickly and easily cleaned, spray disinfected and dried after each user. This saves on training time.
2. Used according to instructions, RedMan keeps officers safer from blunt trauma and from blood-borne (HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis) and other pathogens.
3. RedMan incorporates a modular design to allow for multiple various training scenario exercises.
4. RedMan Training Gear is sized to fit a wide variety of students.
5. RedMan training and duty gear is the only protective gear that may be worn in every situation you may be training in from standing to ground, from the gym to the streets, from normal everyday environments to training in the water, and much more.

Keep your suit clean and ready to use with the Desinfectant cleaner

The optional foot guards are also available

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