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Rescue Swimmer Set, Deluxe

Rescue Swimmer Set, Deluxe
Item# RT-2998201101
Regular price: $2,150.00
Sale price: $1,750.00
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Rescue Swimmer Set, Deluxe from RescueTech

The Rescue Swimmer Set from RescueTech has the equipment each rescuer should carry. The kit comes with the tough Hydrus 3L Basic Drysuit for superior abrasion and puncture resistance. Includes the Universal Rescuer PFD, ProTec Water Rescue Helmet, Durable Water Rescue Gloves, 75’ Throwbag, 200’ throw rope, and much more. As such, many of these kits are made-to-order on request and require a few days to assemble. (Also, Image may not reflect current product contents as the kits are constantly improved.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 NRS Universal Fins
  • 1 Swiftwater Team Workboot
  • 1 Paddlers Glove
  • 1 Fox 40 Whistle (YE)
  • 1 Basic Drysuit, (Orange)
  • 1 Universal Rescue Vest (Red)
  • 1 Full Cut Helmet
  • 1 Aquastrobe (YE)
  • 200 3/8" Pro-Poly X ft. (YE/RD/BL)
  • 1 3/8" STD-Poly Deluxe Throwbag, 75'
  • 4 NFPA Offset 'D', Screwgate (SI)
  • 1 River Rescue Short Knife, Blunt (YE)
  • 1 RT Rope Bag, Small (Yellow)
  • 1 Swiftwater Team Member Duffle Bag, Large
  • 1 Waterproof Radio Pouch, Standard
2998201101, RT2998201101

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