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Lightning Powder Sexual Assault Kit Victim

Lightning Powder Sexual Assault Kit Victim
Item# LP-4-1615
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Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits

Being the victim of a sexual assault is a very traumatic experience. It would be devastating to have the case lost in court because the physical evidence was not collected or, worse yet, not collected properly.

Victim Evidence Collection Kit:

The kit is organized in a step-by-step manner, and the instruction sheet explains in detail each step of the collection procedure. Components needed for each step are provided in separate, numbered envelopes.

  • Step 1 Authorization for collection and release of evidence and information form
  • Step 2 Medical history and assault information form
  • Step 3 One 20" x 30" white paper sheet, two outer clothing bags and one panties bag
  • Step 4 Debris collection for nail scraping
  • Step 5 Towel and comb for pubic hair combing
  • Step 6 Envelope for pulled pubic hairs
  • Step 7 Slides, swabs and boxes for vaginal swabs and smear
  • Step 8 Slide, swabs and boxes for rectal swabs and smear
  • Step 9 Slide, swabs and boxes for oral swabs and smear
  • Step 10 Envelope for pulled head hairs
  • Step 11 Paper disk and envelope for saliva sample
  • Step 12 Two blood vials for known blood sample collection
  • Step 13 Anatomical drawings chart
LP-4-1615, LP 4-1615, LP4-1615, 4-1615, 41615

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