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Simulaids 4 Pack Economy Adult Sani-Manikin CPR

Simulaids 4 Pack Economy Adult Sani-Manikin CPR
Item# SIM-100-2145UX
Sale Price Starts at:  $418.25
Option:  Quantity : free-shipping

Simulaids CPR Economy Adult Sani-Manikin Pack of 4 offers a realistic, affordable way to provide each student their own manikin. Designed with the instructor in mind. No cleaning, no disinfecting, no disassembly... just pack and go! Manikin features: realistic head tilt, realistic chest rise, palpable landmarks, xiphoid process for reference in hand placement, individual face shield/lung system. Lightweight and rugged

  • Sani-Manikin
  • 100 Face Shield Lung Systems
  • Carry Bag

Available Models:

  • SIM-100-2145U - Simulids Economy Man 4 Package With Bag
  • SIM-100-2145BU - Economy Man African-American 4 Package With Bag

Size: 21" x 15" x 19"

Shipping Weight: 28 lbs.

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