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Information on Finish and Options for Badges / Collar Brass / Insignia

Badge Finishes / Options Explained

When you are building your badge you need to know which options and finish are best for your needs. Smith & Warren combines the most advanced manufacturing techniques and the best quality materials to supply finishes that meet the highest standards in the industry. Alternate Force carries a wide variety of equipment and gear supporting the success of your mission. Please Contact Us for assistance, quotations or with any questions about your mission needs.

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Regarding Finishes
Since every customer has distinguished needs, Smith & Warren rises to the task by providing a variety of finishes to meet their customer's needs.

Smith & Warren has two main types of finishes; the Standard and the Deluxe. The diferent standard and deluxe finishes are available to all Smith & Warren badges, collar brass and insignias.

Standard Finishes
Nickel: A traditional silver tone finish that is applied over a highly polished brass base. Nickel has a high degree of hardness for long wear. It may lose some of its luster with age.

Rhodium: A brilliant silver-white finish that is electroplated over a bright nickel base. It is a precious metal in the platnium family and this silver-white finish will never tarnish.

Gold: A pure 24K Gold electroplated finish that is applied over a bright nickel base. This precious metal finish is an excellent value and it will never tarnish.

Black Subdued: A black electroplated finish that is applied over a nickel base. This finish is often required for tactical applications.

Deluxe Finishes
The Deluxe finishes provide the ultimate in brilliance and durability. These precious metal finishes meet jewelry industry standard for appearance and durability.

Sil-Ray or Gol-Ray: The ultimate in gold and silver tone surface finishes

Two-Tone: A combination of Sil-Ray and Gol-ray is used to achieve a beautiful two tone appearance. Choose from Sil-ray background with Gol-ray panels or Gol-Ray background with Sil-Ray panels.

Cote D'OR®: The ultimate fine gold finish. An extra heavy pure 24K Gold plate will ensure maximum durability and value.

Available Services and Options

The following services, options and parts are available for badges, insignias, and components. Please include comments on your Badge Design Form or Contact Us to order.

Quantity Discounts
Enjoy the benefits of quantity discounts on volume orders for badges lettered alike except titles and numbers. Discounts begin at a volume of 16 or more badges.

Life Time Warranty
Always taking pride in their work, Smith & Warren always stands behind their products with a rock solid warranty.

FREE Life Time Refinishing
Daily wear and years of service can takes its toll on any equipment. If you find your Smith & Warren badge losing its lustre you may send it to the factory where they will restore it to its original beauty.

Standard and Deluxe Finishes Include:
Included in the price of each Badge are a variety of basic options. The options available for your badge depends on the finish you choose. The table below shows which basic options are available for each finish.

Basic Badge Options
Standard Finishes
Deluxe Finishes
Plain Seal with no color Enamel No Charge, Included No Charge, Included
One Color Enamel Seal, Rim or Background Additional Cost No Charge, Included
Multi-Color Enamel Seal Additional Cost No Charge, Included
Custom Seal Additional Cost No Charge, Included
Hard Enamel Lettering Additional Cost No Charge, Included

Depending on the badge you choose Additional Options and Services may be available to you. Please review the table below as it applies to your request.

Options, Accessories & Services
Stamped Center Disc
Additional Cost
Soldered Numbers (up to 3) in Badge Center
Additional Cost
Soldered Numbers On a Disc
Additional Cost
Soldered Numbers with Enamel Background
Additional Cost
Stars Soldered (same plating)
Additional Cost
Stars Soldered 9contrast plating)
Additional Cost ea.
Solid Back
Additional Cost
Hard Enamel Lettering
Additional Cost
Engraving on Back of Badge
Additional Cost per letter
Numbers on Semi Stock Badges
Additional Cost
Extra Tab
Additional Cost
Extra Panel Banner
Additional Cost
Two Lines of engraving on one panel or nameplate
Additional Cost
Lettering Has Mixed Case
Additional Cost
Center Seal Different Plating
Additional Cost
Add Eagle or Beaver
Additional Cost
Trim Eagle Off of Badge
Additional Cost
Enamel Panel (if available)
Additional Cost
Enamel Filled Badge Background
Additional Cost
Engraved Panel Only , No Badge
Additional Cost
Better Back
Additional Cost
Clutch Back
Additional Cost
Screw Nut
Additional Cost
Cradle Pin
Additional Cost
C510 or C510L Added to Badge or Collar Brass
Additional Cost
E4001 or C511T Added to Badge or Collar Brass
Additional Cost
Loop Ring
Additional Cost
Additional Cost
Magnetic Attachment on Nameplates
Additional Cost
Money Clip
Additional Cost
Safety Catch on Nameplate & Collar Insignia
Additional Cost
Gold Filled
Ask for Quote
Custom Badge Dies
Ask for Quote
New Black Subdued Finish
Same Pricing as Gold Finish

Shell Back or Solid Back (see note with each model badge)
When a badge is formed (struck) it can be either Shell or Solid. Shell is lighter and thinner metal and has a slight rigde on the outside of the badge. Struck Solid is heavier, thicker and flat across the badge. Please check the badge coding to determine if an option is available for the badge model you request.

Badge Coding: 1) Shell Back Only - Cannot be struck solid
2) Shell Back - Available struck solid at additinoal charge of $ 10.00 per badge
3) Solid Back Only - Cannot be supplied shell back

Lettering Options

Block font lettering is standard on all badges. Roman font is available upon request.

Standard case style of all text is uppercase. An option is available for lower or mixed case.

Colors for lettering are: None, Blue, Black, Brown, Gray, Maroon, Red, White or Yellow

Text Separaters are used to separate the text in a given line. They are available as Hollow Stars, Solid Stars or Solid Dots.

Hard Lettering: The words you specify for your badge design are engraved into the metal. Each letter is then filled with a colored enamel. The enamel is then baked to a hard glass finish and ground until flush with the surface of the badge. Running your finger over the letters you will feel no bumps or grooves. Hard lettering is a deluxe ordering option and tends to make the badge appear higher in quality and easier to read.

Soft Lettering: The words you specify in your badge design are engraved into the metal. The letters are filled with a colored enamel, which is then leveled and air cured. If you were to run your finger over the letters, you would feel bumps and grooves where the panel was engraved.

Standard Titles
Most all Badges, Panels and Insignias are available using Standard Titles. Examples of titles are; Assistant Chief, C.S.O. , Security, Inspector, EMT and Sheriff's Department etc. etc.. Since badges, panels and insignias come in all sizes and shapes and the text used in the titles is not all the same length or size, certain standard titles just won't work. Badges, panels and insignias have been designed to fit most Standard Titles. Limitations on these items are spelled out in the "Please Note section on each item. Also, it may be possible to create a custom title or completely design a badge from scratch that fits your needs. For a general list of Standard Titles please see the list below.

Assistant Chief Asst.Chief C.S.O. Captain Chaplain
Cheif Cheif Deputy Colonel Commander Commissioner
Corporal Deputy Deputy Chief Deputy Sheriff Det.Sergeant
Detective Director Emergency Medical Service Emergency Medical Technician Guard
Honor Guard Inspector Lieutenant Major Officer
Patrolman PBA Police Retired Sergeant
Security Sheriff Sheriff's Department Sheriff's Dept Sheriff Department

Panel Options
The panels on a badge are the flat surface of material that stands out where the actual text is inscribed with the title and agency name. Depending on the badge design the panels could be stamped into the shell or added after the badge shell is struck. If the badge's panels are stamped as part of the badge die there is no option to change the design.

If the badge is struck with out panels, the panels will be added and an option is available to add, change or adjust the panel style. This will be noted in the description of the badge if the option is available. Please see the selection of panels available for application to specified badges.

*Available as Reverse Enamel Panels
+Reverse panels available with standard titles. Custom lettered panels available at additional cost.

Available Attachment Options
Various methods are available for displaying and attaching your badge.

Pin & Safety Catch Screw Clutch
Wallet Clip Lugs Tie Bar
Money Clip K9 Tag Tie Tac
Screw & Keyfob 2 Screws Screw Only
Long Screw Loop Ribbon Box Magnetic
Lighter Better Back Chain Loop
Dog Loop Glue in Leather 2 Clutches
3 Clutches Lucite Pocket Holder Badge Stand

Example of Badge Attachments

Converting to a Smith & Warren Badge
Did you know that we may be able to make your Agencies badge even if it was made by another manufacture like Blackinton or Nielsen. Email us a photo and we can research it for you and provide to you a quote. We can easily and cost effectively convert your current badge series to a quality Smith & Warren Badge.

As always, if you have a special need or require more information please Contact Us anytime as we work very closely with Smith & Warren on custom designs.

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If you can't find what you are looking for or need assistance, please Email your request to our Customer Service:

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