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Professional Heavy Duty Bullet Clearing Station CB150

Professional Heavy Duty Bullet Clearing Station CB150
Item# PT-CB150
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Heavy Duty Super Trap Bullet Containment System CB150 will safely contain all accidental and negligent discharges without the chance of harmful ricochet projectiles and lead splatter. This newly redesigned model meets the EPA threshold of immobilize lead to below 5ppm using specially treated rubber media compound ELIxIR®.

Can your department afford an accidental discharge? Stop taking the risk as so many other departments have. This product will box in the bullets eliminating harmful ricochet projectiles. and lead splatter. The CB-150 Clearing Trap has been installed in many locations throughout the country and are currently in use by Sheriff Departments, US Military, Correctional Facilities, Court Houses, FBI, Firearms Training Ranges, Police Academies, US Coast Guard facilities and Crime and Forensic lab Testing.

This free standing clearing box is designed for the safe unloading of pistols, rifles and shotguns using commercially loaded soft point ammunition with a minimum 800 feet per second. Not to be used with Armor Piercing or solid Bullets.

  • The PTCB-150 is rated for Pistol and Rifles rated up to .460 Weatherby Mag.
  • Free Standing unit can be mounted to floor
  • Box can be separated from stand for easier moving
  • Eliminate harmful ricochet projectiles
  • Layered synthetic rubber stops bullets
  • No maintenance required (Replacement face and media available)
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Powder Coated Steel Available in :Matte Red only
  • Overall Dimensions of Box: 18” W x 18” H x 24” D
  • Approximate Weight: Bocx - 250 Lbs., Stand - 60 lbs , Total: 310 lbs.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

    This model bullet trap containment system replaces the discontinued PTCB-1580 Clearing Station
    SUT-HB1X0,cb-150, cb-100, cb100, cb150, hb150, hb100, hb-100 PTCB-1580, PT-CB-1580, CB1580, PTCB1580

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