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Heavy Duty Bullet Clearing Station

Heavy Duty Bullet Clearing Station
Item# SUT-HB1X0
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The Heavy Duty Super Trap Bullet Trap Containment System

Can your department afford an accidental discharge? Stop taking the risk as so many other departments have. The Hot Box 100 and the 150 Clearing Trap has been installed in many locations throughout the country and are currently in use by Sheriff Departments, US Military, Correctional Facilities, Court Houses, FBI, Firearms Training Ranges, Police Academies and US Coast Guard.

Free standing unit is designed for the safe unloading of pistols and shotguns.
  • The HB-100 is capable of handling up to .454 Casull (HB-100)
  • The HB-150 is designed for Rifles and Larger Caliber Weapons (HB-150)
  • Eliminate harmful ricochet projectiles
  • Layered synthetic rubber stops bullets
  • No maintenance required (Replacement Faces Available)
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Available colors: Red
    SUT-HB1X0,cb-150, cb-100, cb100, cb150, hb150, hb100, hb-100

  • Accessory Items

    Refill Kit and Face for Hot Box Clearing Stations
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