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Safariland 6360 Level III Retention™ Duty Holster Mid Ride

Safariland 6360 Level III Retention™ Duty Holster Mid Ride
Item# SL-6360
Sale Price Starts at:  $190.00
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The Safariland Model 6360 ALS/SLS Level III Retention™ Duty Holster is the next generation of the 6280 Holster. The 6360 comes with the (ALS) Automatic Locking System which an internal locking device to retain the weapon securely in the holster in any direction. The 6360 holster features the 6070UBL, a mid-ride belt loop that allows the holster to ride close to the body and a SafariLaminate™ finish to match traditional leather looks with synthetic longevity and ease of cleaning. Inside, a SafariSuede™ lining helps protect the sight and finish. Level III Retention™

ALS® Automatic Locking System secures weapon once holstered Hood Guard is standard on 6360 holsters

Slim, compact design allows weapon to ride close to body Simple straight up draw once all releases are de-activated

Includes Hood Guard

Mid Ride belt loop

Available in Plain Black, Basket Weave or STX TACTICAL™

Automatic Locking System (ALS™)

The ALS™ system is the next evolution in retention holsters and builds upon the successful SELF LOCKING SYSTEM (SLS). With many patents to its credit, the key to this system is an internal locking device that secures the weapon in all directions simply upon re-holstering.

Level III Retention is achieved when used in conjunction with the SLS.

Additionally, holster with this advanced ergonomic design are completely operable with the thumb, making training easy, and the straigth-up draw makes them very instinctive to use, yet difficult for an assailant's attempted takeaway. And finally, once the retention devices are released, the weapon can be drawn straight out of the holster with no twisting or other motion required.


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