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Sig Blue Training Guns

Sig Blue Training Guns
Item# BG-FSS5X
Sale Price Starts at:  $223.90
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Choose between the True Weight or Standard Weight Sig Blue Training Products

Solid molded with no moving or removable parts, the non-weighted standard or true-weight blue models are rugged and industry proven. The true-weight option has additional weights that are apportioned and balanced throughout the weapon during the manufacturing process. Therefore a True Weight Sig Rifle "feels" like a fully loaded Sig Rifle in weight and balance.

Can the magazine be removed from a Blue Training Gun?
No. The Blue Trainings Guns are molded solid as one piece with the magazine installed and there are no moving or removable parts..

Can I Insert a Blue Training Magazine into a Blue Gun?
No. The Blue Training Guns are molded solid and have no moving parts. Blue training magazines were designed for use in the real gun for training purposes such a magazine changes, miss-fires and clearing jams for example.

Will my slide lock back on my real gun when using a Blue Training Magazine?
No. These magazines are solid molded with the magazine follower slightly depressed so they do not lock the slide back.

How much difference in weight is there between the weighted and to the non-weighted models?
As an example a non-weighted Glock 19 weighs 12 oz. while the weighted versions weighs in at 31 oz.

I have a Tactical Light, can it be attached to the rails on a Blue Training Gun?
Yes. Tactical lasers and lights can be attached to the rails just as you would on a real gun.

Will these fit properly with my duty holster?
Yes. Blue Gun products are made to be used for training and that requires they fit the same holster you are using for your real gun.

Does Rings Manufacturing make a Blue Gun for any model gun?
No. They make them according to the demand from the industry. Due to the costs of production such as labor, tooling and materials the factory only produces models which are most in demand by the customers. When they get sufficient interest to offset production costs they will produce it.

Can Blue Trainers be modified?
Since they are made of a solid polymer material we have customers who paint, file, drill, glue and add material as needed. The products are modified often as movie props or in the manufacturing industry.

Can Blue Training products be made in any other colors?
Other colors are available with volume orders only. Please contact us for more information.

The Sig Model Blue Training Gun is among one of the most extensive line of "Firearm Simulators" available in the market. Designed using resilient and dependable supplies, the gun is a safe and reliable alternative to using live weapons in training conditions. The gun is an accurate replica of the Sig 516 rifle and is perfect to be used in tactical, law enforcement and military weapon training operations.

This is fabricated in the signature "Law Enforcement Blue" which is recognized as the safety color for training weapons. Its durable polyurethane construction is steel reinforced to prevent bending and flexing in challenging training conditions. The gun can be ordered in a weighted version to make the training experience even more realistic.

Sig Model Blue Trainers
Model DescriptionNon Weighted GunTrue Weight Gun
Sig 516FSS516FSS516W
SIG 516 Patrol 16 inch Closed StockFSS516CSFSS516CSW
Sig 556FSS556FSS556W
Sig 556 Closed StockFSS556CSFSS556CSW
SIG MPX K 4.5 inch - No Rear StockFSSMPX-KFSSMPX-KW

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Made in the USA by Ring's Manufacturing

Made to Order Items: BlueGun models can also be manufactured in True Weight. True Weight is achieved during the moulding process as steel weights are appropriately added to give the piece the right weight and balance. Most all of our True Weight Products are made to order (Special Order) if not listed in our True-Weight Stocking List. Lead times on Made to Order items like True Weight Guns and Magazines an are dependent on the factory production schedule and can take from 2 to 8 weeks to produce. For more information about our inventory, backorders and made to order processing please click on Availability.

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