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ODV Presumptive Drug Testing Kits (For Official Use Only)

ODV Test Kits

ODV NarcoTest or NarcoPouch presumptive drug test pouches and kits were designed to rapidly identify substances suspected of being an illegal or controlled drug. Testing is simple and results are fast. The operator procures a sample of the substance and uses either the NarcoTest or NarcoPouch test kit to perform the test. Which Test Kit to Use? The differences between the NarcoTest and the NarcoPouch are the following:

    • Up to Three Chemicals ampoules per pouch provides greater substance discrimination
  • White background on each pouch makes identifying color changes easier and more accurate
  • Color results for target substance is printed on the front of each pouch
  • Safety holder prevents broken glass from puncturing the pouch during normal use

If you need assistance in choosing a test kit, have any questions, cannot find what you are looking for, please Contact Us and we will be glad to help.

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