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RT Deluxe Radio Chest Harness

RT Deluxe Radio Chest Harness
Item# RT-820301
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Deluxe Radio Chest Harness by RescueTech

Deluxe Radio Chest Harness by RescueTech has Updated Ergonomic Design Redesigned for greater comfort and utility. One-size-fits-all radio harness will instantly adjust to hold any radio snugly to your chest without the use of multiple velcro straps or buckles found on lesser quality harnesses. The vertical orientation of the radio improves reception, extends antenna life, and reduces the chance of chest injury during a fall. The unique suspensions system of 1.5"" webbing shoulder straps and elastic chest strap virtually guarantees that the harness will not bounce or swing, even while crawling through confined spaces. New, twin attachment buckles ease the donning of the elastic chest strap. The harness features all Cordura construction, a large bellows cargo pocket, pen pouch, and twin elastic antenna keepers. A must for SAR and MCI applications.


  • Weight: 9.1 oz
  • Color: Black
  • Sku: RT-820301, RT 820301, RT820301

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