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Upgrade Kit: From XP to Self Defense

Upgrade Kit: From  XP to Self Defense
Convert you XP Intructor Suit to the enhanced protection of the XP Self Defense suit using this Kit. The upgrade of your classic XP Redman Instructor suit to a Self Defense Instructor Suit require these components:
  • HEA Enhanced Head Assembly (M/L/XL)
  • LAPE100 Enhanced Lower Abdominal Pad (One size)
  • GGM1 (GGF1) Groing Guard (One Size)
  • FGXP105 Foot Guard (pair, One size)

    This kit includes all of the components above.

  • Enhanced Lower Abdominal Pad for Self Defense Instr Suit
    Redman Groin Guard - Male
    Regular price: $140.00
    Sale price: $101.00
    Redman XP Foot Guard
    Regular price: $165.00
    Sale price: $154.00

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